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[Artisan] Sandun Artisan X GMK Infernal


Today, I prepared a collaboration color with GMK InfernalMy three artisans will conduct this collaboration over three days.It's a collaboration with a concept that goes well, so I'm looking forward to it even more.On the third day, a new atisan Bafomet will be unveiled.You can receive a real-time notification from Discord.


Sale Form




Keycaps Specifications- MX Stem- Resin casting

Sale Format

- Raffle- It is open for 20 hours.- Raffle ends after 24 hours, and I will select the winner and send the invoice after that.- The invoice will be canceled if you don't pay within 24 hours.

Lot - 10.22.Pm10:00 korea time (GMT+9)

GrimReaper - 10.23.Pm10:00 korea time (GMT+9)

Bafomet - 10.24.Pm10:00 korea time (GMT+9)

Raffle- Lord of terror Infernal- Grimreaper Infernal- Bafomet Infernal

Pricing and Payment- $80- I only send the invoice through PayPal.

Shipping- Shipped from Korea.- Ships to K-Packet or EMS($15-30).- The shipping cost is 35USD in countries where EMS premium is only available.- Shipping costs may vary from country to country.- All orders will be sent within 60 days of the closing date of the sales form.- I will email you the tracking number once I start shipping.

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